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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enters and Exits (working title)

Enters and Exits is an observation of quotidian liminal spaces and the behaviours and acts that occur within them. The work is being created as a performance-based installation combining choreography with large-scale sculpture and lighting design. Marc Auge refers to these spaces as ‘non-places’ – ‘the ambivalent space that has none of the familiar attributes of place - for instance, it incites no sense of belonging'. My fascination with theses spaces lies both with the architectural elements of the space itself and its human contents. The interstitial nature of these spaces somehow invites what is commonly private behaviour in a public space....this is where the dance lies for me....the swing between private and public behaviours.

In observation of these behaviours a number of narratives are present. Through the subversion of these physical behaviours (using the tasks of reorganization, repatterning, and distilling the movements...even creating an 'exquisite' corpse of physical acts) I am curious about what new narratives may or may not the order in which we see the actions necessary to create an intended narrative? Can this subversion obliterate narrative? As of today these are the questions I'm asking myself.

Enters and Exits (working title) movement research

Untitled from Justine A. Chambers on Vimeo.

Interpreter: Tiffany Tregarthen