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Saturday, November 14, 2009

One + the Other

One + The Other Mutable Subject w/Justine A. Chambers

Embodying the hand positions and holding patterns in the drawings/paintings of Egon Schiele, Justine A. Chambers and Deanna Peters combine forces in One + The Other, an other-worldly look at what is behind the faces that we show. Taking ideas from Erving Goffman’s writings about ‘front’ and ‘back’ stage in the theatre of everyday life, this duet explores the form of the duet in how two bodies in space can relate the complexity of one’s self.

For One + The Other Justine and Deanna researched independently towards creating solos on one another that were combined to form a duet. It is through investing in our relationships - dancer-choreographer, choreographer-choreograher, dancer-dancer, dancer-teacher, teacher-teacher - that we are strengthening our individual processes while simultaneously developing a shared process. Our work is fueled by challenging each other's beliefs surrounding choreography and a shared interest in the dramaturgical metaphor of the self.

One + The Other
is currently in its third phase of creation; phases one and two were supported by Fortier Danse Créations, MovEnt and The Dance Centre. Phase three has been supported by Free Flow Dance and Here To Go at The Cultch. We are using each of these modular creation periods as an opportunity to experiment towards a final version to be performed in 2010 and beyond; we are pleased to announce that New Dance Horizons in Regina will be presenting the full-length work in February 2010.

What the press said:
"a mesmerizing clockwork rhythm of repetition, stops, and wove a spell" (Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight)
"Bursting with eccentric vitality and a spectacularly idiosyncratic coordination of movement" (Roger Wayne Eberle, Review Vancouver)

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